eDrive Systems

GWA e-Cargo Bike Powertrain


The advantages of dual motors


√  Reliability

√  Shareability


 *  High torque.

 *  Increased load capacity.

 *  Improved climbing ability.

 *  Dual-wheel coordination mechanism enhances steering smoothness and stability.

 *  Distributing the current reduces motor consumption, extending the motor's lifespan.

DMO Scenarios We Provide

Dual Motor CANBUS System Model Table
Front hub Motor -Left
48V / 40~50N.M, IPX5
Front hub Motor- Right
48V / 40~50N.M, IPx5
Front alloy Motor -Left
48V / 40~50N.M, IPX5
Front alloy Motor- Right
48V / 40~50N.M, IPx5
Rear alloy wheel
Controller DT48 48V / 30A Max. CANBUS
Lithium Ion Battery HX48500 UX48500 / UX48750 48V 500Wh, IPX5, CANBUS48V 500/750Wh, IPX5, CANBUS
Display G100C, G150C, G610CC 12V 1A , IPX7, CANBUS
Torque Sensor T2B73153, T2B100172, T2B83160 BB with CL45
Charger BPC-L14S020CD 52V 2A / 12V 0.5A CANBUS
Controller modes: ECO; (Mode 1); Tour (Mode 2); Active (Mode 3); Sport (Mode 4); Boost (Mode 5).

All our products are in compliance with EN15194:2017, ISO13849-1, UN38.3, IEC6213

GWA Dual Motor Operation (Full Version -Introduction and Road test.)


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